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Nicolas Rossi, Professor of Italian


Mi dispiace, Professor. It all came together at the last minute.

[Private] I wanted to make sure my precious sub didn’t manage to get into trouble after the plane tickets were purchased.

Non c’è problema. I was teasing Kurt. I hope you both have a grand time.


Well, he seems to have managed. Enjoy your time away.


I’m not opposed to eating one’s way through Europe, but try not to explode before we get to Italy!

You are going to Italy and didn’t tell me? I think I’m offended, Kurt.

Buon viaggio!

Lovely Day || Private


Or he just has a fetish for bad boys.

I would have. I’ve been in plenty of scraps to defend other subs people. Kurt hasn’t changed me.

You’re right. Kurt hasn’t changed you.  You’ve changed for him.

I love Finals Week.


Indeed.  Though if I was really in need of funds, I would go back to the FBI before sharing what is mine in such a way.

I must say, however, that dressing for Halloween next year will be exceedingly simple for both of us.

Good point.  I’d just join the family business.  The Bakery. Not the other family business.

Another excellent point. Very simple indeed.

Lovely Day || Private


I’m afraid I can’t. I’ve only seen you in school so you know, kinda hard to think of you as anything other than another shitty Prof.

Yeah. But I don’t let it change who I am.

Well, I’ve only seen you act like an ass, but that doesn’t mean I believe that’s all there is to you. I, mean, I respect Kurt, and he thinks highly of you - therefore, there must be a reason for that.

Are you sure about that? Because I’m willing to bet, that defending someone to a shitty Prof wouldn’t have occurred to before you met Kurt.

Lovely Day || Private


Yeah, yeah. I should be open to learning from other people and all the junk, since that’s what schools all about.

One exception doesn’t disprove the rule. I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks of me. Just him.

No, that is what life is about. If you are going to call me philosophical, please extend my wisdom to more than just school.

The point remains that you do care what that one person thinks of you.  

Lovely Day || Private


Okay, well good. I’m.. glad you don’t think he’s a fuck up.

Ohh such wise bullshit. Did you study philosophy or some shit like that? Kind of sounds like the same shit a philosopher would say.

I hope not.

Maybe it’s bullshit.  But it is wise bullshit.  You shouldn’t discount other people’s knowledge quite so fast, you know.  You’ve no idea what they’ve experienced that could inform you. But I guess if you truly think you are on  your way to being a bad person, than you wouldn’t care what someone else thought of you.

But, I think you do.  At least one person, anyway.

Lovely Day


Kind of a side-effect of being stuck in this castle with you and the others for the better part of four years. 


Ben’s apparently enjoying watching the students squirm as well. I always knew you all were a little fucked in the head, but have the sadistic tendencies grown over the years?

And yet, you returned. Face it, Lea…you’re one of us now.

Hey, I’ve been here a lot longer than you.  You stick around awhile and your sadistic tendencies will grow too.

Lovely Day


[Italian] Oh. No, I’m not worried. Just tired. All that studying… [/Italian]

[Italian] Make sure to take time for yourself, Nicole. [/Italian]

Lovely Day || Private



You say that like a lot of people around here think he’s a fuck up. He isn’t and I don’t think he has ‘potential’, he is a good Dom. The Best.

That’s why I’m so glad I killed my Jiminy cricket years ago. He was so annoying. Don’t think I can get a replacement either. O h well.

You are very defensive. I implied no such thing.  You were concerned that I was going to chastise him, as if I believe he is a fuck-up.  I do not.  I don’t particularly care what others think, so I’ve no idea what people around here view him as.

Everyone has potential. He is still growing as a Dominant, just as I am. Just as we all continue to grow as people. He is the best for you, because he is your Dom.  Just as I am the best for Owen. There is no such thing as a perfect Dominant. But there is always room for growth.

You may have killed the last one, but I’m pretty sure you’ve recently acquired another.